Breaking down the unprecedented rise of super human racing

Myself (rear) and 2 friends running a 50km Ultramarathon — October 2020

Running an ultramarathon is a profoundly gruelling task. Unlike its traditional counterpart, the “regular” marathon (42.2km or 26.2 miles), which is still no small athletic feat, ultras are designed with a certain element of twisted masochism in mind, something that modern runners are drawn to more than ever before…

The shortest distance that someone can call an ultramarathon is 50 kilometres (31 miles) with some races exceeding over 500km in length, which as someone who has a little bit of experience in distance running really just boggles the mind. The most common and prestigious races you’ll hear people talking about…

An actionable guide to getting promoted and growing your income

Pictured: me doing “market research” in Guangzhou, China

I’d just gotten out of the surf and opened the door of my van when I could hear the faint rhythmic buzzing of ringing phone in the glovebox. I leaned over the front seat and fished through its messy contents until I grabbed my phone and answered.

It was my boss, with the most startling proposal I’d ever heard:

He was going overseas for 9 months and he wanted me to run his company…

A company with 50 employees and a million-dollar annual revenue stream.

To be very clear: this company wasn’t a tech startup.

It wasn’t a flashy venture…

A comprehensive guide to early stage BitClout

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain networks that they reside upon have risen to prominence as a viable financial investment in recents years. Traditionally, cryptocurrencies have been viewed as an extremely risky and volatile investment.

However with more investors and stakeholders seeing Bitcoin as a form of “digital gold” in its ability to act as a store of value, and utilising Ethereum as a coin upon which to run a variety of global transactions crypto has emerged victorious.

Just a few weeks ago Elon Musk announced that Tesla would officially accept Bitcoin as a legitimate payment method…

It’s also a very lucrative…

A comprehensive guide to the self-help pornography of fake entrepreneurs.


Almost all digital and social media platforms have become a smorgasbord of absolute nobodies writing articles and publishing videos with the same slew of nausea inducing, clickbait headlines:

  • “7 ways to improve some mundane activity that will boost your productivity”
  • “You’re never going to look at this certain activity the same way after reading my article / watching my video”
  • “You won’t believe how much time I saved after taking up (insert rip off of some practice by Tim Ferriss or Tony Robbins here)!

Now I’m not some cold, disgruntled hermit who has locked myself in my study hating everything…

I followed Ginsberg through the kaleidoscope maze of Moloch,

Blind and subtle madness drooling from corners of the mouth torn by cruel grinning in grandfather night,

No winning when the mind echoes with the sound of scratch marks on stained glass in sweaty synagogues and unshaven cathedrals,

Just like the skins of children hung out on obsidian coat hangers in the closets of joyless men,

Fiddling with kerosene highs and ketamine sighs in stained bedsheets night after night,

Pillaging the soul for blubber, meat and bones worth maybe 3 pennies,

And crying tears of cold blood when they found that…

There is nothing “natural” about the disaster that has claimed 24 lives, 1516 homes and 11.3 million acres of land

My Fires Watch: Screenshot

As of today: Saturday the 4th of January, bushfires have been raging across the east coast of Australia since mid-August.

Even from hundreds of kilometres away, residents of Australia are blanketed in smoke that has made air quality the equivalent of smoking 37 cigarettes a day, far worse than that of New Delhi (the world's most polluted city). To shine a light on how poor the air quality has become: an elderly woman died yesterday at Canberra Airport after stepping off a plane and going into full respiratory arrest due to the putrid smoke blanketing the nation’s capital.

For the…

A Comprehensive Guide to Pseudoscience

Arnold Schwarzenegger — The Game Changers (2018)

Let’s begin this article with one very simple point:

From both an ecological and an ethical perspective, going completely plant-based is far superior to eating meat.

However, the critical and undermining fault of this entire documentary lies in its intense focus on the nutritional and personal aspect of a plant-based diet, rather than the ethical or ecological aspect. By taking this perspective, James Cameron and the production team are forced into undertaking some “alternative fact” work.

The documentary follows the journey of former MMA fighter, James Wilks on his journey into the world of plant-based nutrition. Throughout the documentary, we…

How 3 Albums Changed the Face of Music Forever

Bob Dylan: 1966

Bob Dylan is without a doubt one of the creative world’s most purposefully mysterious and least understood characters. He isn’t merely a good musician or a generous benefactor of folk rock. Dylan is a prophet of metaphor and a creative movement in and of himself. Listening to his lyrics is like having some sort of construction get carried out in your brain, heaps of scaffolding, a bit of chaos and lots of noise but ultimately it leaves something better in its place.

Born Robert Zimmerman in Duluth, Minnesota 1941 and was raised in a small Jewish community. His father owned…

How Our Journalists & Academics Have Become the Contractors of Hysteria

This year is only 3 months old and already it has bestowed us with a fresh lineup of outrage worthy events that have plastered themselves across every social media platform available to us.

I’m talking about the two internet sensations that have become impossible not to see for anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection.

The first major incident that really generated some outrage thus far has been the infamous Gillette Ad, which has had the internet awash for days with the relentless, scathing opinions of social media pundits both decrying and supporting Gillette’s position on toxic masculinity. …

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