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Tom Mitchelhill

Russian PR companies are weaponising misinformation to sow discord & instability in Western countries

In order to productively discuss and invest in DeFi assets — we need to define them properly

  • Equities: stocks, index funds & ETFs.
  • Commodities: gold, oil & wheat.
  • Cash: fiat money, savings amounts & liquidity.
  • Real Estate: private & commercial property.
  • Fixed Income: bonds, debentures & fixed deposits.
  • Stocks are a sub-category of equities.
  • Retail & tech are a further sub-category of stocks.

Why Are Distinct Categories Important?

Information and reporting on Bitcoin & DeFi is filled with lies, deception and stupidity

Delusion Explained

Confirmation Bias

How swindlers make money by pretending to make money

  • “I tried _______ routine and made $3000”
  • “How to switch from employee to BOSS mindset”
  • “How to make your side hustle your main hustle”
  • “How I made $__,000,000 in 2 years!”
  • “I made $3569.85 in 3 days…”
  • “How to ditch your 9–5 for your side hustle

Breaking down WISH from beginning to dividend


  • ContextLogic (NSDQ:WISH) owns and operates the popular Wish mobile shopping app
  • The e-Commerce organization has seen stable growth despite its poor performance relative to other e-Commerce giants: Amazon, Shopify & Etsy
  • There are 3 risk factors that affect Wish’s long-term growth
  • There are 5 buy signals that draw my attention
  • ContextLogic is now growing revenue by monetizing its users more effectively with rising customer lifetime values, but profit margins are still negative
  • Wish’s revenue is growing substantially and it has a massive cash runway and no debt. Its current share price is well below fair value. …

The United States is running a financial policy that could have been written by smart 10 year olds

money printer go brrrrrrr

“Why don’t poor countries just print more money to make themselves richer?”

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust are unlocking $1.4 billion in bitcoin

Founded by liars & convicted sex offenders — No longer backed by real dollars

Stupidly simple methods to prevent overspending

How to reclaim your focus in a world of infinite distraction

Tom Mitchelhill

Crypto + TradFi Investor | Writer | Philosophical Empiricist | Existence Enthusiast

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