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Tom Mitchelhill

Crypto may see a short term bounce-back thanks to a change in world sentiment.

The crypto market is enjoying a short-term resurgence due to news that Tesla will once again accept Bitcoin, as long as it can “green up” it’s mining process. An article I wrote a few short weeks ago looked at the state of the crypto market and I predicted that cryptocurrency as a whole lacked the broader sentiment to make an immediate recovery, much to the disapproval of the wider crypto community.

How corrupt Australian politicians are using Gestapo style tactics to illegally arrest journalists in their own homes

It’s not all Kangaroos & barbecues in the land down under. On June 4th, the Deputy Premier of New South Wales (sort of like a Governor for y’all American readers) ordered a counterterrorism unit of the state police unit to violently and forcibly arrest an innocent journalist in his own home.

These apps, services & habits changed the way I function creatively

1. Canva

Breaking down the algebra of emotional & financial discontentment

Explicit Language Warning
This article was written in an existential haze of about 9 too many coffees and a cubic megaton of electronically administered nicotine. I got a little carried away with expletives because they’re really quite fun and I’m trying something new. So, if you’re a little squeamish with words, look away. If not, strap yourself in and enjoy.

What the hell is BitClout? And what does it mean for content creators?

It is with great confusion and mild excitement, that I can officially announce that the first ever cryptocurrency-based social media platform has been created!

Here’s why your money loses value over time and how can you protect yourself against it

Money becomes less powerful over time. That’s why you hear stories about people buying cars in the “olden” days with a couple of hundred bucks in their back pocket. This is called inflation.

The definitive straightforward guide to Bitcoin, Ethereum and everything else

For most of us, cryptocurrency is still an elusive concept. It remains shrouded by complicated technical jargon & a cult-like following of investors that endorse cryptocurrency as the future of the modern financial world. Meanwhile, there are swathes of financial experts on the opposite side, that denounce it as nothing but overhyped digital nonsense.

  • So, what IS cryptocurrency?
  • How does it work?
  • Is it really the future of finance?

The following article is designed to be the ultimate guide to the basics of cryptocurrency: covering everything from its history, to how it functions, all the way through to a rigorous…

Here’s why buying the dip may not be the best idea

Two weeks ago the crypto market saw an enormous drop in value: shedding approximately 40% of its value in the following 7 days. Retail investors rushed to “buy the dip” and grab what they believed to be cheap crypto. Youtube and Reddit flooded with “gurus” showing their 3x, 10x and even 100x leverage positions as they scrambled for the holy discount.

Let’s take a look at the enviro-friendly cryptocurrencies that Tesla might choose instead

Turning on a dime, Elon Musk has publicly stated that his company Tesla will no longer accept Bitcoin as payment for car purchases…

What Plato’s lessons on morality can teach us about being better people on social media

Clash of Colors: Wall Street Journal

People on the internet are assholes. No really. If you’ve ever scrolled through a politically oriented Twitter thread or a Facebook post long enough, you’ll come across some seriously impressive spectacles of offensive language. If people sat next to one another in a room, I can guarantee there is absolutely no conceivable way that we would speak to one another the way we do online without punches being thrown.

Tom Mitchelhill

Writer | Business Builder | Endurance Athlete | Existence Enthusiast

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